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You should know how to deal with the air sensor cleaning spray, and how the cleaning process is done correctly for your car, as the air regulator is one of the most important parts in the car, and it is responsible for providing information about the amount of air entering the engine, and you must know how the regulator works Air that only works with nebulizer-based cars, and how you can clean them easily.
Air regulator malfunctions
If there is a malfunction in the air regulator, you will notice that there is a break in the engine, and this will happen a great vibration when moving or stopping the car, and these signs indicate a problem in the air regulator, where the car cannot travel at the required speed when pressing the fuel substitute, and must Therefore, the air filter is cleaned of dirt that comes from it because it negatively affects the air regulator and can damage it and make it stop working, so it must fix the faults immediately, whether by cleaning the regulator or changing it at the technician.
How to clean the air regulator
If you want to clean the air sensor yourself, it is very simple, all you have to do is:

1- Disconnect the negative car battery clip, and release the two screws that secure the air regulator and its electrical tape.

2- Spray the sensor with a cleaning sprayer, which can be purchased from gas stations and is not very expensive, then let it dry about two hours before you install it again.

3- Install the sensor again, and install it, and if the problem disappears, then the reason for the cutting problem is then it has been solved, otherwise you should go to the technician to find out the other cause of the problem.
What is the function of the air regulator sensor?
The air regulator sensor function is to regulate the air that enters the engine, and this sensor is called the head sensor, given its importance in organizing car engine revolutions and raising engine revolutions when it cools in the early morning, as it is one of the most important functions of the air regulator sensor is to raise the number of revolutions of the engine When the compressor is running.

Malfunctions caused by clogging of the air regulator
When the air regulator malfunction occurs, the following signs occur:

1- Chopping in the engine
2- Vibration while driving or when the vehicle is stopped.
3- The car’s inability to travel at the required speed when the fuel substitute is pressed, meaning that the car does not respond to the required speed when driving, and this appears more on the highway, so the car’s air filter must be cleaned quickly, because the dirt it exerts affects the air regulator in a motor The car, leads to damage.

The importance of the engine air sensor
There is an air sensor between the air filter and the Thotelle, and the most prominent faults caused by an imbalance in this sensor is the vehicle being turned off after it is turned on, or turning off while driving, and the presence of a severe weakness in the engine power, and you will also notice the rise and fall of the pressure meter and others, so the air sensor It is very important for your car to operate properly and properly, and it helps in striking a balance between the amount of air entering and the amount of fuel entering the fuel sprays.

Air sensor check method
The air sensor is hit by hand when starting the car, by hitting with the fingers and the hand open on the sensor, if the fuel pressure changes or the car turns off This indicates a malfunction in the sensor, also separate the sensor and turn on the car, to see the amount of fuel pumping to the cylinder, then perhaps This indicates that the sensor is dirty, and therefore gives an incorrect reading.